Earn money for while you shop

Our new browser extension for Chrome earns money for At The Well while you shop
– at no additional cost to you –
and notifies you of actions you can take to support our mission.

Here’s how:

Shop for lets you know when you land on one of our partner sites. Shopping with our partners means free money for us.

BONUS: we'll also let you know when there are coupons.

Nothing to buy? No problem. Alerts display when there are actions you can take to support our mission.

Got it? Good!

Click to install; it takes less than 10 seconds.

Selected Merchants

Rest assured – your privacy is our priority.

We don't:

Collect your name, email address, or other personal information.

We do:

Collect information on the sites you visit so we can notify you when you are on a partner site. This information is collected in bulk and activity is not tied to any individual user.

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